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Name:Discuss and enjoy the Bakuman manga/anime.
Posting Access:Anybody
- Talk all you like about Bakuman, the manga (and anime) created by Death Note's Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba.

- Just keep the discussion civil, or else we'll sic the Editor-in-Chief on you. ^^v

- Please member-lock all notices of manga scanlation and anime stream/download releases, merely as a precaution. That also means: if you want access to release notices, it's probably better if you join, rather than subscribe. (Official releases by Viz or services like Crunchyroll are okay to keep unlocked.)

- All kinds of fan love (icons, fics, art, doujin) are accepted. Keep samples PG and keep NSFW content under cuts.

- Usual community rules and etiquette apply. (Place fics under cuts, 3 icon samples, that kind of thing.)

I can't promise a busy comm (even the LJ comm for Bakuman was quiet), but I hope you enjoy your stay here.

(I'll improve on this profile thing eventually...)

Default icon is from tutledove at the LJ bakuman_fans comm, here.

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